Sunshade for Chevrolet Cavalier Wagon 1982-1994

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Sunshade for Chevrolet Cavalier Wagon 1982-1994
Item: AHS-CH-15

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All  AutoHeatShield® model sunshades are MADE IN THE USA!!


Standard Series Sunshades provide the fullest windshield coverage.  They are silver reflective on the outside and white on the inside and are manufactured using a superior quality multi-layered metalized outer film.  They roll up and are secured with a velcro strap for convenient storage.

GOLD SERIES Roll-Up Sunshade

Gold Series Sunshades are gold reflective on the outside and black on the inside and add a little “bling” to the windshield.  They afford the same windshield coverage as the Standard Series.   If the windshield is symmetrical, the sunshade can be reversed in the winter with the black side out to retain the heat.   They roll-up with an attached velcro strap for storage.  Please note:  Gold Series side window sunshades cannot be reversed.  

Side Window Sunshade

We offer front seat side window sunshades which come in a set of 2 for most late model vehicles.  They attach with suctions cups.

ULTIMATE REFLECTOR FOLDING SERIES – The AutoHeatShield® Ultimate Reflector FOLDING sunshade is another option for the front windshield.  These sunshades fold up and come with a convenient storage bag.  Please note that because this sunshade is made from an unbendable material, they do not afford the complete windshield coverage as do our rollup models and thus are cut slightly shorter at the top perimeter and around the rearview mirror/sensor area.   The Ultimate Reflector is manufactured using a superior quality multi-layered material with a reflective mylar heat barrier that reflects harmful UV rays.

General Product Description 

An Autoheatshield® Custom-fit Windshield Sunshade is a reflective sunshade custom designed to fit the shape of each car model's windshield. All Autoheatshield® roll-up model sunshades are made with a special metallized polyester film that reflects harmful UV-rays, laminated to a thin layer of closed-cell foam, with a clear polyester film back. A non-abrasive velour binding is stitched around the edges.  All models protect leather seats from becoming hot and cracked while keeping the steering wheel and shift knob comfortable to the touch. They are custom cut using the latest in computer-aided cutting technology.  Autoheatshields are reflective, insulating and custom fit for every car.  INSTALLATION is easy and quick. Lay the sunshade across the dash. Lift up to the windshield smoothing the sunshade to the edges of the windshield. Lower the sunvisors for support.  Once installed it will measurably reduce the interior temperature at the dashboard. They are simple to use and they are just as easy to store. PRODUCT STORAGE: When not in use, store your sunshade by lifting the sunvisors and pull the Autoheatshield® down. Our Roll-up Standard Series and Gold Series sunshades can be rolled up and secured with the attached  velcro strap.  Our Ultimate Reflector Folding Sunshades fold up for convenient storage.


·         What are windshield-mounted sensors? - Some sunshades have a larger cutout around the rearview mirror area to accommodate safety sensors mounted on the windshield



AutoHeatShields are all custom-made and fit for every make and model vehicle. Every AutoHeatShield® sunshade will fit differently as there are differences in rearview mirror mount locations, side windshield frame (A-pillar) designs, Headliners, and dash designs, as well as windshield shapes and sizes. We pattern the AutoHeatShields directly off of the windshields of the new cars and trucks so we can take into account these unique differences into our product design.

STEP 1: Unroll AutoHeatShield® across dash. Make sure AutoHeatShield® is centered in windshield and placed as far down where glass meets dash.

STEP 2: Tuck the AutoHeatShield® sunshade behind rearview mirror, if mounted on windshield. It is okay to bend the sunshade.

STEP 3: Lift the AutoHeatShield® sunshade against the glass. Adjust it in the windshield, and it may overlap slightly with side windshield frame (A-pillars) and headliner.

STEP 4: Lower sunvisors for support.

Product Storage

When not in use, store your AutoHeatShield® like this: Lift sunvisors and pull the AutoHeatShield® sunshade down. Roll up from end to end. Wrap the attached Velcro strap.

Return Information


AutoHeatShield® sunshades are returnable within 30 days of purchase. There is NO re-stocking charge and the sunshade must be in original box in resellable condition.

The customer will pay for return shipping charges.

Call or Email for a Return Authorization Number. Include a packing slip with the Return Authorization Number and Name of the purchaser inside of the box. Please write the Return Authorization Number on the outside of shipping box.

Any Orginal Shipping is Non-Refundable.

All returned Sunshades without a Return Authorization Number on the box will be refused.

Ship Returns to:
AutoHeatShield® by Protrim Inc
Ph. 480-839-5040